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Marcio Karam has been painting for 15 years. Running his own airbrush studio in South Florida, a variety of canvases keep him busy. Not only does he enjoy working with the human canvas, Marcio also works in other areas of airbrush art such as cars, boats, airstream trailer remodeling, bikes, skateboards, surfboards, and the list goes on and on!

Body painting caught the eye of this talented artist, and then began his career in body art. Marico’s creative mind saw body painting as a chance to further explore his love for art. With his wild ideas and outrageous concepts, he knew body art was for him. “My favorite part of body painting is making my art seem real, and having the viewers question if it is actual paint!” Marcio enjoys working with a variety of clients and models, creating a unique style that is sure to shock the senses.